25 March, 2009

Crazy Monday

Its been so long since I typed my mind out ...so much so that I almost forgot that I have a blog. Well, quite frankly there was nothing extraordinary happening anyways. When things are humdrum and ...well normal, there's always a thing called impulse that can get things moving. Not that it was a life-altering experience, but I had a pretty crazy (and rather spiritually liberating) moment this Monday.

There was this Felix the Cat T-shirt I had my heart on but hubby pooh-poohed it for being silly and blah. I thought it was silly-cute or cutely silly...whateva! I would have had another torturous day at the dentist with a masked monster clinking-clanking steely instruments in my mouth if it was not for the turn I took for the market. I got my Felix the Cat and was quite happy and content with life when I happened to walk past this sidey jeweler shop. I have absolutely no idea what ran through my head and within minutes I found myself sitting on a chair screeching in agony as the piercing guy obliged me with five new studs on each ear....yeeeoww! It was freakin fuckin painful...especially the top cartilaginous half of the ear. To make it worse, a little girl walked in a DIDN'T scream when she got hers pierced (I had begged for a break).

Heaven knows how I drove back home WITH the helmet on and a lingering anxiety over how hubby would react (it was nothing big, just the usual wat-the-f*** expression and some remarks that implied I was crazy). The pain was kinda spiritual stuff coz I've heard of people who inflict pain upon themselves to release pent up emotions. I didn't have any pent up stuff to boot but yeah, it reminded me of how physically enduring and mentally strong I was because I didn't give up midway. Right now, I'm just pumping in antibiotics and painkillers, hoping for the piercings to heal soon so that I can put on some nice silver rings and wear my hair up to flaunt 'em off!