30 May, 2007

A li'l glimpse of me....

Well, I've walked this earth for 24 years now and the walk was not a "walk" all through- it was sometimes a stroll, sometimes a jog and sometimes a run! But I love my life for all its colours- both dark and light. I have all that I've ever wanted (well almost!) and what I don't have I'm strivin hard to achieve. Sometimes my goals and aspirations in life are so vivid and crystal like but at moments they seem misted by clouds of confusion and uncertainty. I have an exam day after tomorrow and here I am typing out my blog as if this is the most apt day and moment for this endeavor! See what I mean?

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  1. hey hiiiii
    shuchi kalra here...
    u also frm patiala ?????
    wat a coinci naaa


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