20 July, 2008

Living Each Day With Passion

How many of us can actually claim our everyday lives as being “full of passion”. Surely, most of us have our high moments every now and then but if we look back in retrospect, these moments are just a meager fraction in our mundane existence. Some fortunate ones can derive passion out of work but that’s not something an average person would swear by. Sprinkling a few passionate moments in our lives each day would certainly make it easier and happier, wouldn’t it?
Adding that extra spark in your day is not such an uphill task after all. You just need a little bit of “me” time to do what you “want to”, rather than what you are “supposed to”. It may be writing an occasional poem, playing a sport, watching a tree grow, spending quality time with your dog, having sex, campaigning for a cause you feel strongly about, meeting up with old friends after a long time, drawing inspiration from your surroundings…you get the drift? Different things stimulate different people. While one person may derive pleasure from an intellectual pursuit like reading a good book, another might feel a rush simply by watching a football rerun. Few people need a constant dose of human contact and emotions to get their “feel-good hormones” flowing. With so much responsibilities and a million chores ahead, our “me-time” gets lost somewhere in the rut we live in. you need no grass or alcohol to get you “high”. Just one hour a day of your choice is enough to carry you smiling through the day.
Apart from that, is also imperative that you carry a positive outlook throughout because a crib here and a frown there can severely mar the moment. Once you condition yourself accordingly, it is not difficult to derive immense joy out of small pleasures in life because small pleasures are a luxury not everyone can afford (and I’m not talking about the money here!). Once you learn the art of enjoyment, you will find yourself a happier and content person. Believe it or not, at times a ride on a roller-coaster is far more enjoyable than being gifted a Prada bag! Similarly, digging into candy-floss when you are forty gives you a rush that a glass of champagne may not. See? The best things in life come for free (well, almost!). You don’t need money to be passionate in life. All you need is a positive state of mind and bit of time for yourself.

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