16 August, 2008

On Fashion and the Unthinking Herd

What is fashion anyway? Who decides what is "in" and what is "out"? Just because a few fashion gurus (an ill-deserved title) announce that skinny jeans and balloon dresses are in, does that mean all and sundry have to squeeze their humongous butts into the former and accentuate the uncomfortable bulge with the latter? .You browse through random stuff in a clothes store and an over enthusiastic salesman thrusts an ugly outfit in your face saying "Maydum, ye bahot chala hua hai". For goodness sake, I am precisely not looking for "chala hua" stuff!

The Delhites (by and large) deserve a prize for the most bizarre dressing sense.It is not uncommon to spot PYT's dodging one puddle after another in stilettos (psst..I even saw a couple of them walking the streets in knee-high suede boots...gasp!). Another blood curdling trends would be black and gold combos when the sun is shining bright after a short drizzle (we all know the feeling). I felt seriously out of place and "without it" in my man-shorts, flip flops and a ganji.

Do skinny jeans and boots make any sense at all when most regions in India are sultry and freakin' hot? The same goes for synthetic tights. Does fashion (I still fail to understand the term) have to take undisputed precedence over comfort and practicality all the time? Most of know deep down inside that balloon tops and dresses do absolutely nothing for an average Indian woman's posterior Nevertheless, these sell like hot cakes. The trendy ones often ask "How can you wear Crocs? They look downright hideous!". Well, they work for me- just like I love all hideous things like iguanas, frogs, pythons and ogres, I love Crocs too. Moreover, they spare me a lot of trouble in the rainy season- they're clean, dry easily, don't leave uneven tan marks behind and they kinda look funky! In case you are already wondering- the company has NOT paid me to promote or blog about their product. This one comes straight from the heart.

More on this later...I'm just trying to compile a few fashion faux pas pics to make this post more chromatic.

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  1. u bet.. i used to get so much of that maydum stufff .. and now i miss it so much.. actually the maydum stuff is a good filter cast aside the bad choices YA?


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