04 September, 2008

How Do You Like Your Leftovers?

‘Some like it hot
Some like it cold.
Some like it in the pot,
Nine days old!’

It’s not surprising that the silly sounding nursery rhyme from yesterday bears the universal truth about food and foodies. Are you the type who likes their meals freshly cooked, piping hot and neatly laid out on the table or are you amongst those who would just grab a bite from the refrigerator and have it for lunch on the couch.

Different people have different food preferences. While some people would squirm and turn up their noses on yesterday’s dinner, others would think it rather wise to cook up the entire week’s meals on a Sunday! However, even the latter type has two subcategories. There are people who ‘brighten’ up leftovers by reheating, adding spices or extra ingredients or just eating them in a different form, for example, having last day’s veggies in a toasted sandwich or making them into a roll and shredding leftover chicken to be used as a pizza topping. Many others are not willing to take the trouble and prefer to raid the fridge and gobble up bits and pieced straight off the racks! They do not seem to mind a leathery tortilla or a near frozen sizzler.

Like they say- it takes all kinds to make the world! Even members of the same family and siblings may have contrasting food habits, which means it has nothing to do with upbringing or training. Rather, it is purely a matter of individual tastes. So, which category do you belong to?

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