02 December, 2008

Suicidal Comments by Indian Politicians

"True colors always shine out in moments of acute crisis" and our politicians have just proved the credibility of the statement in more ways that one. Their suicidal statements ( which can or rather, SHOULD put an end to their career) have only served to fuel the fire within every Indian. A few examples:

R.R.Patil: "Itna Bada Shehar Hai...ek-aad haadsa to ho hi jaata hai. They planned to kill 5000 people. We have minimized the damage to a large extent". he then goes on to resign on "moral grounds" (read: the resignation was shuved up his @$$)

Vilas Rao Deshmukh: Tags along son Ritesh Deshmukh and film maker Ram Gopal Verma for a guided tour to the Taj Mahal Hotel and then claims: "I offered to resign" (Sure darling, we believe you).

V.S. Achutanandan (sorry for being crass, but the first four alphabets of his surname pretty much sum up what he's all about): "Not even a dog would have entered his (Maj.Unnikrishnan's) house" on being turned back by the martyr's father.( He owes an apology to Indian canines and Indians in general).

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi: "Just because a few people with lipstick and powder on their faces or suits and ties come out on the road to protest against politicians, doesn't mean that they are the voice of India." (is he jealous of people who are better dressed than him?)

Thats sadly the face of Indian politics- sloppy, callous, stinking and shameful. Judging by their attitude, it is pretty evident that their concerns are exclusively channeled towards the public outrage against politicians. The country and the people still don't feature on their list of priorities. And these are the guys who India chose to elect.

Can we have young, dynamic, educated and hot-blooded leaders instead of these invalid, impotent bastards? These guys can't speak for nuts even if their lives depended on it. The Pak Foreign Minister carried himself with great dignity and spontaneity (whether he meant all of that is another debatable issue) while our chaps fumbled, stumbled and stammered on national television. Where are we heading?


  1. Having read your recent posts, I hope none of the corrupt politicians or terrorists (though both seem equally crap to me) land up in front of you...coz am sure u'll beat the bigiggies out of them! But on a serious note: Young men do try to lead India but get no support. A group of students from IIT Chennai formed a party and ran for elections, but got no media support. They were suppressed by financially powerful parties who had villagers to vote for them. They don't know nor care what IIT is. Same thing happened to some of the young Mumbaikars I know, who entered politics, their families started getting threat calls in a couple of months, and they had to quit. The media can cover which shampoo does Aish endorse, and have a 1 hr special on Rakhi sawant... but won't help those who want to make their country better! I think we need a tyrant like Hitler who kills all who are corrupt to do some good!

  2. my mind is seriously infested with violent thoughts right now! and yeah..you are right about the media not supporting young leaders. Moreover, our kind of people are not the "real" face of India- the real India is tucked away in villages and the urban uneducated class who far outnumber the "aware" lot.

  3. Some of my friends have enrolled to the Teach India program to do their bid to educate some of the lesser fortunate people. But its still a drop in the ocean. I've been to US... Its not just the government that makes d country organised... from the trash collectors to bus drivers, every single one of them is proud of what they do and do their job religiously. Wonder when that mentality will sync in to us... Government here is too reluctant to make a change for the fear of losing votes. Sometimes harsh decisions need to be made for greater good of the society.

    Off d record: I am sounding more n more like a social activist on ur blog... rather than a philosophical air head who blogs on Life... Its a welcome change though!! :-D


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