03 October, 2008

Crows in The City That Never Sleeps...

The Mumbai fever seems to have caught on with the city's crows as well. Nowhere else in India have I seen crows cawing away through the night and even scourging for food when they should be ideally tucked away in their tacky nests. Sure enough, competition is fierce and only the fittest will survive- which is probably why these Mumbai birds are up and about at night while their small-town counterparts hit the bed in rest of the country. I wonder if they work in shifts...

The other day during a late-night drive through the city, I was rather taken to find these irksome birds having a noisy party by the garbage can at two in the morning- a ridiculous hour for most city-dwelling birdies. They reminded me of crows in Udhampur who returned religiously to their arboreal abodes as soon as the sun descended down the horizon. Have birds in bustling metros adopted the same fast-paced lifestyle and evolved themselves accordingly or is it just my imagination? For all I know, crows are not nocturnal by nature.


  1. It's 5.30am and i still hear voice of crow.

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