29 October, 2008

The Difference Between Art and Science

At a painful party the other day ( it was vaguely 2 am, I guess), someone popped a random question at the dinner table- "What is the difference between Art and Science"? The "asker" was an honorable senior officer of the Indian Army and the "askees" were a group of chattering young ladies. He did get some pretty interesting replies like "Arts is more like History, Political Science, Literature etc. while Science has Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths" (duh!). My supposedly "intellectual" take on the subject did not go all waste (despite my punch drunk state and slurred speech)- I can safely vouch for that because the answer sparked off an animated discussion which ultimately turned out to be the highlight of the painful party (at least for me).

Contrary to popular belief, a couple of drinks can really jump-start dormant gray cells ( that doze off all over again once the hangover wears out).Here goes my alcohol-induced philosophy:

"Science is an acknowledgment of the known and expansion of physicality while Art is an interpretation of existence and expansion of the soul- beyond the apparent and the obvious". ( Ok, now don't you stare at me like that and DON'T even ask me where on earth did that come from). And yes, its original- in case you are wondering.


  1. Hi... I just happen to bump into your blog... and am I glad or what!!! You should get drunk more often...if that's what it takes to get you write something like that.
    Though am sort of a geek who believes in science over God...but I've always appreciated art. Art gives me the ability to dream things that aren't there... and science gives me hope that some day they'll exist...

    You are great at what you do... Blogging world needs many more like you...

    PS: That definition of uours can easily get on to the sitcom "the Big Bang Theory".., its amazingly hilarious.

  2. Thanks Micky...hope to hear from you more often! :)


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