27 November, 2008

Terrorists Can Be Put to Good Use.....I'm Serious!

Terror strikes Mumbai and my blood is boiling again. Why do we let these bastards do this to our country? They say every human being is born with a purpose and has a role in the universe. What purpose are these terrorists born for? Well, I'm sure they can be put to good use and contribute positively to the global society.

Here's how the government can work towards rehabilitating and integrating anti-national elements into the society:

They can be painted in bright colors and made into dartboards- this will save trees and kids can have more fun targeting a live, moving object.

They can be put up in fairs in place of balloons and people can shoot them(with real guns of course to win soaps/combs/teddy bears. A bonus prize for anyone who manages to aim between the eyes.

They could be a good source of fresh, healthy and functional organs for the millions of suffering patients.

Post organ-extraction, their bodies could be shoved into a grinder and made into mulch for the manufacture of organic manure and fed to the plants.

They can be employed by the military to train soldiers in shooting and combat operations - it is no fun shooting and kicking an inanimate sandbag.

During bird flu and anthrax epidemics, they could be used to feed zoo animals (or even as a treat for behaving nicely).

They could be tranquilized and used as a temporary pavement when Mumbai roads are flooded and pedestrians have no place to walk.

See, the bastards are not a waste of space after all!


  1. I agree absolutely

  2. Hi Shuchi,

    Might I add one of mine, we should implement the Hitler's way too of skinning their skin and then burn thir body fat as alternate source for oil, thereby saving some of the precious natural resources too.

    PS: The organ-extraction thingy is a great idea, but am sure people in India would rather prefer to die, than accepting their organs.

    I for one prefer Bhagat Singh wayyy over Gandhi. We have had enough of "Lage raho Munnabhai" kind of actions, now its time for some "Rang de Basanti" effect to take over.

  3. I swear...this is not the era for Gandhigiri...but I guess we Indians are too steeped in the concept of non-violence and forgiveness to realize the importance of defensive aggression.


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