16 April, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I can cuddle a python (I have a soft corner for reptiles) but I'm shit scared of dead cockroaches.
2. When I'm tired, uncomfortable, stressed or irritated, I darken my room and light an incense stick to sooth my senses.
3. Tube lights (or any other harsh white lights) give me a gritty "sandpaper on the wall" feeling and I switch them on only when a guest insists and that too, at the expense of my inner peace. I totally dig zero watt yellow bulbs or candles.
4. If I ever decide to undergo plastic surgery, I would get my face reduced to half its size.
5. I'm a hard-core believer in karma and how life comes in a full circle. I also believe that energy (life) is recycled across the universe and that's why no-one really "dies".
6. I'm a sucker for chaat and churans like imli golis, anardana golis, fatafat and other smacky stuff - can't have enough of it!
7. I find physical and personality quirks attractive. Normal and perfect does not interest me at all.
8. An animal's company can take all my blues away.
9. People are often scandalized by my words and actions - I secretely enjoy it.
10. My fave attire is a pair of men's shorts , a relaxed tee and flip-flops/crocs.
11. I am addicted to lip balm (fruity ones) and have to moisturize my hands every time I touch something dusty....yes, I do have OCD.
12. I don't have an explanation for this, but I involuntarily tend to loath things that have a mass following. Examples: Cricket, Shahrukh Khan, poker straight hair with blond streaks, skinny jeans, religion (all of 'em), materialism, an obsession with making babies....
13. I share my home with one husband, six pigeons and two tortoises.
14. I have had babysitters from Pakistan, Egypt, Czechoslovakia, Bangladesh, Iran, Syria, Phillipines and Sudan but it was finally an Indian who agreed to keep me for more than a week.
15. I can't drink anything with fizz or anything that is hot. I eat my food when it's room temperature and I love organic drinks like coconut water, kokum, aam panna, buttermilk, sol kadi, C2H5OH etc...
16. I pass most of my free time day-dreaming and making up things in my mind.
17. I feel uncomfortable talking on the phone...I prefer mailing or chatting. It might be worth mentioning that there used to be a time when I could talk all night on the phone.
18. Muscular men put me off. And so do small, thin papery ears (did I mention that I have an ear fetish?)
19. I believe traveling can teach you stuff that no book/school can.
20. I live my life on very simple terms...that's probably why I haven't experienced negative emotions like stress, depression, anxiety and sadness in a long while.
21. If I could have only one thing in my life, it would be FREEDOM - can't think of living without it!!
22. I am a full-time optometrist turned full-time writer - and very proud of the transition.
23. I hate it when people gift me flowers.
24. I may come across as a party animal but I am a very family oriented person who loves to spend time at home.
25. I 'm permanently happy coz I'm always optimistic and I think nothing is big or important enough to fret over..we're just an insignificant part in the larger scheme of things.

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  1. i wish u were a guy, cos we're so eerily similar . . .


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