15 April, 2009

Indian Men - I Tell You!

What's with these Indian men, I don't understand. When they are young, single and ready to mingle, they totally dig hot chicks ( the ones who rank high on the fashion meter, are avid party goers, enjoy their cocktails, don't hold back from hurling a certain hindi swear word or two at lecherous uncles and who can while the night away driving around with a random guy on a mobike). From what I can gather, they like hanging around with a bindaas babe because they get to do all the "guy things" like drinking, smoking, talking dirty and using foul language without feeling awkward or stared upon. Then, out of the blue, they settle with a demure damsel in distress who would avoid you like the AIDS if you just offer her a drag from your fag ( disclaimer: I do NOT look down upon people who do not drink/smoke/abuse but I DO look down upon people who look down upon smokers/drinkers/abusers).

Believe me, it has happened to me quite a number of times (the dirty looks from familiar women) even though I don't practice any of the above mentioned "sins" to a significant degree but to tell you the truth, I'm no miss goody two shoes either! I do have my sexy, naughty, bitchy moments every now and then.

Coming back to the point of typical Indian men, why do they choose the perennially salwar kameez clad distressed damsel for matrimony when they have been hanging around with the bindaas siren babe all their years. The funny part is yet to come - why after marrying the distressed damsel do they still yearn for the bindaas babe and stare/make a pass at her when the opportunity arises? Why do they not stare/make a pass at other distressed damsels who their friends married? Why do they hide their smoking/drinking/porn watching habits from their new wife when they had been doing it all along with their girlfriends? Why don't they marry a girl who could give them company at the bar, watch a porn flick and maybe enjoy a fag when its cold and rainy? Wouldn't that in a way prevent them from going overboard with any of these vices? Do they feel that such a girl would be bad at running the house or set a bad example as a parent? Are they insecure that a bold, confident girl would invite a lot of attention from other males?

I know, my thoughts may seem baseless and even shallow - they just popped up out of nowhere. Actually not really out of nowhere - lately I have seen many of my male acquantainces doing the same. The phenomenon really beats me. Can anyone (preferably an Indian male) shed any light on this?


  1. Aherm... An Indian male I am... and I totally understand your situation. But it works both ways missy.

    Every bindass babe also wants to hang out with cool dudes who live life on the edge... drives fast bikes and has pumped up muscles. And when marrying they turn to well settled sophisticated and steady earning man.

    So why don't they marry the same douche bag who still spends dady's money on his bike and eyes every hot girl around even while being with one?

    I for one would prefer a girl who does smoke/drink etc occasionaly... but also knows how to behave in front of elders.

    I dont want an out an out rocker chick but she should know how to party... :-)

  2. Yeah that makes lot of sense....but every bindaas babe would totally worship a cool dude with fast bikes ( i don't care about the muscles)if he was ALSO the steady, earning type...too much to ask eh :) ? Also, we gals like our men to be monogamous.

  3. But when they date a guy in college who has had 3 different GFs in last 6 months... monogamy didn't seem like a priority to them? And that time the other guy who really loved them but was not cool enuf and was studying to make a career was ignored.

    Now the douche on bike is still douche on bike... while the nerd with books is a well earning man with a better car. And now they want him! I think babes just like to have an easy way out. :-) :-)

    Mostly you'll get a nerd who loves you or a stud who doesn't. Finding someone with desirable proportions of both is extremely hard and those people also want the similar kind of person from the opposite sex.

    So with higher expectations come greater standards to live upto. :-)


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