22 May, 2009

From My Past Relationships I Have Learnt....

1.Nice guys are close to extinction!!


3. You can still be friends even after an ugly break-up.

4. Try not to handle more than one dude at a tym..its messy and lands u in trouble.

5. A dog is better than a man...cuter, easy to train, loyal and best of all..not fond of cricket!


  1. :)
    Not fond of cricket! Amen to that!

  2. [:D] Kewl ,the voices in my head tole me to come over and talk to you

  3. From My Past Relationships I Have Learnt...

    1. Never allow your girlfriend to think you are her best friend...I'm not going to gossip your best girlfriend nor I will spend 3 hours in the shops till you decide that the banana-apple-caramel-ish-colour t-shirt looks better than the pineapple-orange-penguin-ish one.

    2. Be alert when your girlfriend is asking you if she looks fat. She is looking for trouble and there is no answer to the question. She will win...

    3. When I'm saying I want to read a book, I really mean it..not get involved in a over-night discussion about it which will end up to her and her problems in her work place.

    4. And as I read somewhere..."a beer is better than a woman cause...the hangover goes away"

    Be well

  4. Haha! love that...thanks for sharing :)

  5. Well , i agree with Suchi ,because unintentionaly,she had substituted Human and Divine with MALE and DOWNRIGHT STUPID respectively.
    We are all people, who make mistakes so to forgive others when they make mistakes is the right thing to do; "to err is human, to forgive is divine."
    so the conclusion would be that a MALE is HUMAN and at the same time being downright stupid is divine..
    i'll tell u how,
    first of all as a disclaimer:
    i ,kumar saurav do hereby declare that, i have not taken suchitra's view seriously,because maybe it is because of her experience, and ofcourse, i respect her experience..:)
    suchitra, i must say that it is too early for u
    to jump to a conclusion, that a dog is better than a man,in fact a dog is better than humans,including the fairer sex .
    I have no idea that what experience you had,but I can tell u
    that nice guys are really close to extinction!! , well,
    if u come out of the nest to see what u want to, then u will se what u want . If u want a dog as ur bf then u will get a dog, if u look for a relationship to be “PERFECT” , then ofcourse u will not get a boy like that and hence prooved that “Nice guys are close to extinction”
    It is human ,that guys will have different tastes and same applies to girls. so what is the issue?.
    Why to curse the poor fellow who didnot match you.
    Go on finding soul mates with a fresh outlook, I am sure u will find one.


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