26 May, 2009

Quotable Quotes From A Cricket Hater

IPL is over but the spastics are still splashed over all channels except cartoon network (which is incidentally their rightful place). I realized this when I was trying to catch up on the riots taking place in my own city and the cyclone in Kolkata. C'mon guys, does that pathetic excuse of a game really score over issues of national importance.

More out of irritation that anger, I am compelled to jot some "quotable quotes" about cricket, the assholes who play the game and millions of retards who watch the no-brainer at the edge of their seats with their mouths gaping open.

1. Cricket is not divine pursuit; it is not even a game.

2. Cricket is the bastard child left behind after the Brits were done raping our country.

3. Cricket is eleven men with no balls running after one ball, catching it and then throwing it away.

4. It is no big deal if a jerk hits a ball and runs from one post to another like a banshee. And the crowd cheers.....

5."We won!!" No you didn't win. Nobody wins anything sitting on a couch eating popcorn and drinking beer. You just lost some really precious time and a lot of gray cells.

6. Cricket is too sissy to be manly, too dumb to be feminine. I have yet to come across eunuchs who play cricket.

7. If your Facebook status message reeks of cricket updates, the other areas of your life probably need a lot more attention.

8. Its just a run...what's there to be so worked-up about?

9.Stop watching cricket - get a life!

10. The insect is prettier/ smarter/ more productive than the game.


  1. My Goodness! you really hate cricket!

  2. lol.. seriously.. just because media hypes it up.. dont blame the game..

    loved the last quote tho.. the insect is much prettier.. haha..

    u knw its a great turn on for guys when they find their women interested in cricket.. or sports in general..!!
    please dont hit me.. :p


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