02 May, 2009

A Test Assignment That Was Fun

In not more than 250-300 words, create a short story that connects the two pictures. You may interpret and present the nature of connection between these two pictures according to your understanding.

This was not the first time Alex and I had fought. As children, we had got into a tussle over the silliest of things but we always made-up before our moms gave us the dinner call. But today it was different – we were no longer innocent seven year olds who could forgive and forget in a jiffy. We had grown into two egotistical twenty-something’s who would rather disown an age-old friend than apologize. I knew he had hurt me but I could not allow myself to let go of the beautiful memories that we shared. As we stood detached on the ruins that had once been our favorite hang-out spot, I reminisced how we used to steal colorful, sugar-laden lollypops from the cabinet and hide in the ruins to gorge on them. Maybe this sticky-sweet friendship resulted from eating too many sticky-sweet lollies. For us, slurping on lollypops was a way to celebrate, to rejoice in each other’s company, to end an argument or to simply pass time. But that was then – we had left our child-like innocence far behind us.

Today, as we stood together at our secret hide-out, there was a deafening silence between us. The rustic, defragmented walls of the iconic structure now aptly represented the aura between us. Maybe like the ruins, our friendship had failed to stand the test of time. As I stared across the green grasslands, I saw something bright in my field of vision. It was Alex’s hand and it held a beautiful bundle of colorful lollypops! Maybe going back in time wasn’t so difficult at all…


  1. hey, it's nice to see someone making the effort to bring writers in india together! where did you get this assignment, are you enrolled in a writing program? i'm looking for one currently, that's why i ask. thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hey..thanks for visiting. The assignment was actually for an institute I applied to as a content developer (don't know if I got through yet :)). You could check out my post on The Writers Bureau course on Indian Freelance Writers....thats all I know about writing programs.


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